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Brookfield Small Business/Business Owners and Divorce

Your Brookfield Business Owner Divorce Lawyer

divorce high profile 300x200 Brookfield Small Business/Business Owners and DivorceDivorce is never easy.

It is messy, and complicated, and produces feelings of anger, frustration, and abandonment.

If you or your spouse is planning to file for divorce, and you are the owner of a small business, started either before or during your marriage, then it is crucial that you contact a Business Owner Divorce Attorney for assistance immediately.

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Your Business Could Be A Marital Asset

dividing up real estate during divorce with help of divorce attorneyWhen you enter into a marriage, your assets are combined and become the collective property of both individuals. When the marriage ends, those assets are equitably divided between the two parties as fairly as possible. If you have not signed a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement protecting the business from divorce proceedings, then your business may be considered a marital asset and as such, subject to division with all other assets.

How You Can Protect Your Business During Divorce

business divorce 300x200 Brookfield Small Business/Business Owners and DivorceThe best way to protect your business is through a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. However, if you are preparing for divorce, it is most likely already too late to have this type of agreement in place.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have options to protect and keep your business. A qualified and experienced Divorce Attorney, like the legal professionals of Davis & Associates, can fully explain the options available to you, and assist you with getting the outcome that you desire.

The Power Of Negotiation

negotiation lawyer 300x200 Brookfield Small Business/Business Owners and DivorceAt Davis & Associates, we begin by taking a look at the broad picture, taking into account all of your combined marital assets. We will then determine what assets you would willingly give to the other party, which assets you desire to keep, and which assets we can use as bargaining chips to help obtain your desired assets. By having a clear plan of attack in mind, we can craft a reasonable offer that allows you to keep the assets that are most important to you.

If your spouse is unwilling to negotiate or compromise, then we will do whatever is necessary to fight for your right to your fair share. By showing willingness to negotiate, you are painting yourself as a reasonable individual which may earn you favor with the courts, if an agreement is unable to be reached otherwise.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Small Business Divorce Attorney

Davis Logo 300x96 Brookfield Small Business/Business Owners and DivorceWe offer all new clients a FREE consultation. Speak with one of our Brookfield business divorce attorneys about how we can help you keep your business through divorce.

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