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Wauconda High Asset / High Profile Divorce

Your Wauconda High Asset Divorce Lawyer

divorce high profile 300x200 Wauconda High Asset / High Profile DivorceRegardless of your net worth or social status, no one is immune to the impacts of divorce. Not only is this an emotionally draining time, it can also be a financially draining situation if not handled properly, by an experienced High Asset Divorce Lawyer, such as Davis & Associates.

The higher your net worth, the more complex divorce proceedings can be. The amount of property that will be divided during the divorce process is typically much greater, and of a much higher value than with standard divorce proceedings. Because of this, creative solutions are often required for an agreement to be reached. An Wauconda attorney with a background in finance can evaluate the assets involved, and help to establish a plan for division of those assets, based on your needs and desires.

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Division of Business Assets

division of money assets 300x200 Wauconda High Asset / High Profile DivorceHigh Net Worth divorces often include the division of business assets in addition to personal assets. Whether you have a small or large business, a private practice, or are otherwise self-employed, any assets associated with your business could be subject to equitable distribution between you and your spouse. Often, this can lead to heated disagreements that can be costly to both sides.

It is important to work with an attorney who is focused on reducing discord through preparation and a willingness to fairly negotiate. At Davis & Associates, we are experienced in handling this type of complex divorce case, and will work to find a solution that will allow you to retain the assets that are most important to you.

Hidden Assets High Asset Divorce

dollar assets 300x200 Wauconda High Asset / High Profile Divorce

In any divorce proceedings, it is not uncommon for one or both parties to attempt to conceal marital assets, and high-profile divorce is no exception to this.

If you feel that your spouse may be hiding assets or income in an attempt to avoid division of these assets, then you should immediately speak with an experienced High- Asset Divorce Attorney, even if divorce proceedings have not yet begun.

Other Issues with High-Profile Divorce

divorce couples attorney 300x200 Wauconda High Asset / High Profile DivorceIn addition to property division, there are many other legal complications that can arise during a high asset divorce.

This includes determining which assets are marital assets, dealing with outstanding debt, challenging or enforcing prenuptial agreements, handling inheritances, tax issues, child support and custody, as well as spousal support.

Davis & Associates will assist with all components of high-asset divorce, while working to secure your future.

Free Consultation with an Experienced High-Asset Divorce Attorney

Davis Logo 300x96 Wauconda High Asset / High Profile DivorceWe take special care in ensuring that all of our high-asset and high-profile divorce cases are handled with the utmost attention to detail and discretion. It is our priority to protect you and your assets, and to establish a fair and equitable division of property that is acceptable to you.

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