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Divorce cases often take ages to finish if children are affected by the split. Couples must be able to determine who has custody of their child and guarantee their interests are met.

support segment 1 300x199 Buffalo Grove Child Custody AttorneysNo parent wants to lose custody of their child, and if they think divorce would be bad for their children, they will back out and stay in their unhappy marriage.

However, that is not suitable for everyone. If you want to separate from your spouse but guarantee your child’s future by securing child custody, you should contact a child custody lawyer to see what options are available.

Our Buffalo Grove, IL family law firm, Davis & Associates, can help you create the best plan for your life and that of your children. We can also help you get the legal support you need to contest or enforce the child custody arrangement if the other party does not recognize the order.

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Dispelling the Happy Home Myth

When you ask conflicting couples why they try to stay together despite their arguments and unhappiness, they often say they do it for the kids. While they mean well, the home environment would be filled with anger, arguments, and unhappiness that can traumatize a child far more than them being in a split home.

mom and girl 1 300x200 Buffalo Grove Child Custody AttorneysChildren often look at their parents as an example when trying to build a happy relationship as they grow and meet people. This is a major fact that parents tend to overlook when they consider divorce or separation for the benefit of their family.

To the surprise of many couples who undergo divorce or separation, they can connect to their children better because they are no longer carrying the heavy burden of trying to look like everything is ok. Many children also find it easier to deal with their current situation when the divorce or separation is in because they don’t want their parents to be unhappy and see their anger as something they have caused. Once parents are open with their children and let them know what is going on, they can reassure them that they can still build a relationship with both parents even if they get a divorce.

If you have problems determining the best legal action for your relationship and ensuring your children are protected even after the divorce, speak to one of our Buffalo Grove child custody lawyers. We can provide legal advice and help you plan the best child custody arrangement.

Determining Child Custody

Child custody laws in Illinois recently changed in 2016, and child custody is now known as the “allocation of parental responsibilities.”

There are two components to the allocation of parental responsibilities:

Parenting Time

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Under this component, the schedule of when the child or children will be with either parent will be identified. It can be an equal or shared parenting time, measured by how many overnights each parent will have with their child or children. If one parent has more overnight time with their child or children, that parent will be designated as the one with the majority of parenting time, and their home will be their child’s main residence.

Decision-Making for the Child

When it comes to determining the decision-making for their child’s life, four points are considered by the courts:

  1. Medical care
  2. Extracurricular activities
  3. Education
  4. Religious events and participation

Divorce 300x200 1 Buffalo Grove Child Custody AttorneysThe decision-making for these four points can either be shared or jointly decided on by the parents. But it is also possible that one parent will be allowed to decide on one point or all four categories. However, if one parent is the sole decision-maker, they must still discuss the issues and concerns of the other parent. If there is no agreement between the parents, the one with sole decision-making power in that specific category can make the final decision.

Should there be any issues regarding the child custody arrangements and you need help with fighting for your rights to make the decision on key issues in court, let us know, and we will build the case for you.

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Davis Logo 300x96 Buffalo Grove Child Custody AttorneysChild custody cases don’t have to be complicated if you work with an experienced Buffalo Grove child custody lawyer who can guide you through the case and fight for your and your child’s interests.

With Davis & Associates as your legal team, you can navigate through the case and ensure your child is in your custody while their other parent fulfills their responsibility. We can also help you fight for joint custody and contest custody arrangements if you believe it is best for you and your child. We guarantee that we will do our best to help you build a good relationship with your child regardless of who has custody.

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