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Children are very important members of society, and in Illinois, many protections are in place to protect their rights. Some of these protections ensure that they receive sufficient support from their parents. Because of these protections, child support is a major point during divorce, custody, or paternity cases.

child support 1 300x200 Dupage County Child Support AttorneysWhether you are the one ordered to pay child support or receive it, it is recommended to work with an experienced Dupage County child support lawyer who can help you understand the law and know what to expect.

At Davis & Associates, not only will you get our experienced lawyers working on your child support case, but you will also get all the resources you need to understand how child support orders are enforced or modified.

If you need help enforcing or modifying the order, let us know, and we’ll help you file the necessary documents for the court to consider.

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Child Support Calculation

child support 2 300x174 Dupage County Child Support AttorneysUnder Illinois’ child support law, the court considers both parents’ incomes to determine how much the support should be and the costs of raising a child. When determining the cost of raising a child, courts will take into account factors such as the cost of housing, food, clothes, medical expenses, extracurricular activities, education, and others.

Courts can also consider other extraordinary circumstances as part of the calculation. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) highlights the state minimums for the child support amount that a parent can owe.

The Dupage County child support legal team of Davis & Associates can help you understand how the court will compute the child custody amount with the help of state-of-the-art software. Hence, you know how much you will pay or receive if you expect child support money.

Child Support Enforcement

In some cases, the party providing child support may stop sending the money or even make an effort to follow the child support order in the first place.

handcuffs 2102488 1280 300x169 Dupage County Child Support AttorneysWhen this happens, it is important to report the issue to the Cook County Court Services Department’s Child Support Enforcement Division. They are tasked with delivering summonses, subpoenas, writs, and notices to withhold income for child support and others and ensuring that child support is enforced.

Our Dupage County child support legal team can help you look into the various ways to get the child support order enforced. We can also assist in enacting the child support order, like getting payroll deductions and speaking to the bank to make automatic deductions.

Child Support Modification

child custody 1 300x200 Dupage County Child Support AttorneysMany things could happen in a person’s life that can affect their circumstances. For parents, these changes can affect their capability to provide child support, especially if their child requires special support.

If the parent responsible for child support has fallen on hard times and lost their financial capability, they can request child support modification. In Illinois, child support can be modified anytime by filing a petition to the court that handles their case. The petition should detail why the child support order should be modified. The other party must also be notified about the request. The court will then consider if there is cause to the petition and order the necessary adjustments based on the guidelines set by the IMDMA.

Our Dupage County child support legal team can help you review your circumstances, whether you are the one paying the child support or receiving it. If there is cause to request a modification, we will handle the filing for you and argue it in court.

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Davis Logo 300x96 Dupage County Child Support AttorneysChildren deserve to be supported on all fronts by their parents, even if they are no longer together. Parents must also abide by the court’s ruling once child support arrangements are made because it is done for the benefit and interest of the children.

Contact our Dupage County, IL family law firm today if you need legal assistance to arrange or enforce child support. One of our legal experts will talk with you about all the legal help you need.

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