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Roselle Prenuptial or Premarital Agreements

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prenup agreement 300x185 Roselle Prenuptial or Premarital AgreementsCongratulations! Marriage is one of the most exciting and life-altering choices a person will make in their lifetime, impacting many different components of their life. Many people view marriage in the spiritual sense, as the commitment that they have made to love, honor, and cherish each other in front of their family and friends. While this is an important part of the personal side of marriage, these are not requirements of marriage through the law.

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Prenuptial Agreements Are Not Just For Divorce

prenup agreements 300x200 Roselle Prenuptial or Premarital AgreementsLegally, marriage is simply a contractual agreement to combine your assets with another person. A prenuptial agreement helps to define many components of the marriage, not just what happens in the instance of a divorce.

A Premarital Agreement can cover any issue that is important to you in your marriage. Not only can it help to define assets that each party came into the marriage with, but it can also be used to clarify each person’s financial responsibility for bills and other expenses during the marriage, as well as help to protect a spouse from the pre-divorce debts of their spouse.

Prenuptial Agreements Are Not Just For The Rich

rich wedding 300x200 Roselle Prenuptial or Premarital AgreementsMany people feel that prenuptial agreements are only for people who make a lot of money or are high profile, but that isn’t the case. A premarital agreement is simply an extension of your contractual agreement to combine your assets through marriage, and can exclude certain items that you wish to protect, or items that you wish to protect your future spouse from, such as outstanding debt.

Any couple who wishes to have this type of protection has the right to file a PreNuptial Agreement with the court prior to marriage, or can file a PostNuptial Agreement outlining similar items once they are already married, if needed.

Legal Assistance with Prenuptial Agreements

working on divorce contractIf you would like to protect your pre-marriage assets, either monetary or physical, for any reason, then an experienced Prenuptial Agreement Attorney, such as the legal professionals of Davis & Associates, can assist you with creating a document that is clear, precise, and valid in court. We will walk you through common items that are covered in Prenuptial Agreements to help ensure that you are covering all your bases, and will even work with you and your future spouse to create a document that protects you both.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Davis Logo 300x96 Roselle Prenuptial or Premarital AgreementsFor assistance with drafting your PreMarital Agreement, our Roselle prenuptial attorneys are here to discuss what we can do for you.

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