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child support lawyer and family law attorneyEvery parent wants their child to have the best possible start to life. When parents are unmarried or divorced, it can be challenging to determine who is responsible for payment of different items.

Illinois policy strongly ensures that children receive sufficient support from their parents. The amount that each parent is responsible for varies greatly on a case by case basis. Understanding what your child support obligation will be is best determined by working with an experienced Carol Stream, IL Child Support Attorney, such as the legal professionals of Davis & Associates.

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How Much Will I Pay In Child Support?

Davis & Associates has access to a unique and innovative software that will correctly and accurately evaluate your financial status and determine exactly what support you will be responsible for paying, or what your child will be eligible to receive. Knowing what you can expect, prior to a court appearance, means that you have time to plan and adjust for your future.

Child Support Enforcement

child support enforcementThere are times when the court ordered support amount is not paid by the parent responsible for support payments.

If you have not been receiving the support payments that your child deserves, Davis & Associates can help. Our experienced team of family law professionals can assist you in getting the payments you deserve by taking legal measures, enacting payroll deductions, or other steps as needed to ensure that your payment comes in as expected.

Child Support Modification

It is not uncommon for a person’s financial status to alter due to employment changes, financial difficulties, or other events or situations. When this happens, there may be a need to request a modification of your Child Support. This needs to be done through the courts, so that a new Support Order can be filed into the system and the responsible parent can be held accountable for making the required payments.

Davis & Associates is ready to review the information you have available regarding the financial status change, and advise you on whether moving forward with a child support modification request is in the best interests of you and your children.

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logo 1 300x75 Carol Stream Child Support AttorneysWhether you need assistance with child support calculation as part of divorce proceedings, first time support calculation, child support modification, or child support enforcement, we are here for you.

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