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Experienced Family Law Attorney

Mark Schondorf, Esq., has assisted hundreds of clients with their family law legal needs. Before opening his own firm, he worked in a large downtown Chicago firm, where he gained experience representing complex cases, such as those involving business owners, professionals, and other high-net worth individuals. He now uses this experience to represent his own clients in all types of family law matters, including divorce, child custody, protective orders, alimony, and more.

Financial Impact of Family Law Matters

Mr. Schondorf did not begin as a lawyer. His background is in finance prior to law, allowing him to fully understand and explain the financial implications of your choices. Divorce and support cases often have very direct impacts on your financial well being, regardless of your net worth. His ability to understand these complicated financial matters allows him to thoroughly explain what you can expect from your legal proceedings, including your financial standing once the process is complete.

Changing the Law For the Better

Mr. Schondorf set himself apart from his contemporaries early on in his career, through his dedication and insightfulness. One of his first cases became a published appellate opinion, and has been positively cited in dozens of other cases and courts. This commitment to not only upholding, but changing the law for the greater good, is a big part of what makes him the right Family Law Attorney for your needs.

Free Case Evaluation!

The attorneys of Schondorf Law would be happy to discuss your legal needs, and whether our firm would be a good fit for you. Call us now at (312) 248-9100 for a Free Phone Consultation!